We're a team with over a decade of experience in the restaurant technology industry – and we've used that experience to build a complete solution that helps restaurateurs make more money, deliver a great customer experience, and track analytics on the go. We’re obsessed with helping restaurateurs not just survive but thrive.

Why ekaart

More than just a common restaurant management system.

Fully integrated restaurant management solution designed to provide restaurants with all tools to become completely automated.



Increase efficiency

Customizable solutions


x 2

Operational speed

Voice Based

Restaurant Operating System

Dini consists of the voice based restaurant operating system and associated restaurant management and customer engagement apps. Dini derives intelligence with the help of Dini cloud that stores data generated by restaurant operations.

Dini uses insights, analytics, machine learning and software automation to improve quality, operational excellence, customer experience and reduce marketing cost in the restaurants.

Cloud based

Customer Insight Platform

feed captures various aspects of customer experience through customer feedback app in real time and respond instantly to poor customer reviews through alert calls. Helps build better customer relationship, improve operational and service quality, gather business intelligence and increase customer base.








Increase in sales for customers

All currencies supported

Customer Support



Necessity for a successful restaurant business.

Dini Quick Order

The app that captures the orders and auto inserts in POS, for KOT and bill printing.

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