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Problems faced by Restaurants.

Restaurants face difficulty in understanding what drives guest’s satisfaction with their offerings food, ambiance or service?

How can restaurants serve better if they fail to understand their guests?

This is traditionally solved through paper feedback forms. Seldom do we realize that customers are not really interested in filling paper forms. Add to this, the task of sorting piles of guest satisfaction forms! In paper forms its always difficult to keep feedback confidential and tamper proof. This leads to little or no options to redress customer grievance tarnishing restaurant reputation with negative online reviews. Understanding your customer demographics and its correlation to guest satisfaction is crucial in strategic planning and growth of restaurants and hotels. For restaurant chains operating multiple outlets, analyzing guest performance across outlets and locations is difficult with traditional feedback methods.

How do we solve these problems?


at Restaurants.

Feed at restaurant is a cloud based Customer Feedback and Review Management System for restaurants.

It helps track guest satisfaction and understand customer psychology.

Better customer relationship management by gaining valuable insight on your customer behavior and build an email relationship with them.

Run campaigns by linking coupons, rewards and discounts to feedback.

Online reputation management and digital marketing by linking actual customer feedback to business websites, Yelp, Facebook and TripAdvisor.

Reducing online negative comments through immediate redressal of customer grievance through feedback manager and alert calls.

Your feedback data is used to generate valuable insights, analytics, trends and reports on food quality, ambience and server performance to improve operational excellence of your restaurant.

Feedback App

Easily capture true customer feedback. Increase your customers' willingness-to-give feedback in contrast to traditional feedback methods. Keep your floor responsive with a real time feedback ecosystem.

Feedback Manager App

Fast feedback analysis for instant problem mitigation and reputation management. Get phone alerts on poor reviews and handle unlimited feedbacks with multi-location support.

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