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Software automation and access to business insights could solve a large chunk of problems faced by restaurants. These insights can be gained by applying machine learning and analytics on each restaurant’s data.

At Ekaart, we designed Dini  the voice based Restaurant Operating System.

Dini apps help automate restaurant operations and capture data in real time.

This results in improved quality and operational excellence for the restaurant.

Restaurants also benefit indirectly from better customer experiences and reduced marketing spends.


Dini Restaurant Management apps

Restaurant management apps helps restaurants operate more efficiently by automating many manual intervention through custom apps. Leads to better co-ordination, less human error and theft, save time, better customer experience, faster billing etc.

Kitchen App

To integrate kitchen operation with Dini POS


taking App

Designed for bakeries, cafe's , food trucks and fast food joints, it has quick order taking and bill processing with minimum swipes on a mobile or tablet.


To build an exclusive relationship with your customers. Integrates Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email, text and iOS passbook.

Dini POS

Cloud enabled POS integrated to online business app for table reservation, food ordering. It has an associated table management system, sales analytics and report, take and delivery support etc.

Dini pay

Enables integrated payment with Android card reader and dynamic payment gateway switching with cheapest rates. Integration Dini Restaurant OS allows super fast bill processing. This helps in better customer experience and lower table turnaround time.

Dini Insight and Analytics app

Dini Analytics app creates real time insights, analytics, trends and reports on restaurant sales, quality, operations and menu engineering.

Dini Cloud data along with analytics, trends and machine learning can be used for

 Automating menu engineering based on sales data.

 Knowing customer profile and preferences to customize restaurant offerings.

 Measuring effectiveness of gifts, offers and loyalty programs.

Sales trends and prediction.

 Server performance.

 Restaurant quality trends.

Kitchen performance.

Digital marketing &

Customer engagement apps

Online ordering & reservation

Today there are multiple opportunity for restaurant to be visible to customers be it in chat platform or your car or voice activated smart speakers. We can enable your restaurant with custom facebook chatbot or amazon echo skill set for online food ordering and table reservation!

Online restaurant app

Build your own branded custom online restaurant app. Supports secure and fast online food ordering and table reservation system with multi location support. Take help from our expert designers to build sleek user interface and menus. Native iOS and android support. Integrated loyalty programs and offers. Brand specific user interface and features can be added with Dini cloud’s open API interface.

The latest trend in restaurant marketing is to have their own online marketing channels rather than depending on third party aggregators. Restaurants can take control of their digital marketing and customer engagement efforts using Dini apps.

Dini Feedback App

Restaurants have difficulty in understanding what drives guest’s satisfaction with their offerings be it food, ambience or service. There is humongous difficulty in sorting and extracting insights from traditional paper feedback forms which are used to collect information on guest satisfaction. Sometimes customers are not interested in filling paper forms. Paper forms makes it difficult to keep feedback confidential or tamper proof! Feedback App easily captures true customer feedback in realtime. Collects more number of feedback compared to traditional methods and helps change business strategy based on feedback.

Cloud based Video Streaming system for digital menu, neighboring attractions and content of your choice. Gain ad revenue while entertaining your customers.

Restaurant website

Dini Signage

Cloud based Video Streaming system for digital menu, neighboring attractions and content of your choice. Gain ad revenue while entertaining your customers.

Why depend on third party restaurant discovery apps, register with Dini app and receive online food orders and table reservations from new customers.

Restaurant discovery

Digital Menu 

Tired of guests asking questions on portions or how it will look like? This simple solution will digitize your menu for better dining experiences, decreased order taking time and increased orders seeing your mouthwatering images.

Dini Cloud

An enterprise cloud for restaurant data which is accessible through an open API interface.

Restaurants upload their menu, photos, pricing, table layout and other information. This data is stored in Dini restaurant format. Offers and loyalty programs are also integrated into Dini Cloud. Open API interface allow third party applications to use Dini Cloud to build custom restaurant applications.

Dini Cloud can be used for ordering food and reserving tables through Facebook Chatbots or Amazon Echo.

Feel free to contact us for specification of open API interface.

What slows down Restaurants?

There are 15 million restaurants worldwide with an annual turnover of 4 trillion dollars.

Restaurants face a myriad of problems due to lack of technology adoption:

  • Slow table turn-around.

  • Order errors and wastage.

  • Inability to know customers up, close and personal.

  • Lack of business data to take strategic decisions.

  • Long waiting lines and peak time queues.

  • Ever changing menu cards.

  • Unplanned staff leaves. 

  • High cost of labor.

  •  Unorganized customer feedback systems.

  •  Ineffective loyalty programs and offers.

  •  Unable to invest time in creating customer rapport.

  •  Regular investment in training programs for servers.

  •  Requires coordination of the floor, kitchen and billing sections.

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